Rare Earths Roundup: Yttrium Closes Week With 89% Price Rise

The week’s biggest mover in rare earth metals over the past week was yttrium, which saw an 89 percent price spike. Over the last seven days, samarium oxide shot up 20 percent. The price of lanthanum oxide gained 6.5 percent over the past week as well. This was the third week in a row of increasing prices.

The yttria price increased 6.2 percent over the past week. The price of terbium oxide rose 5.8 percent over the past week — the third straight week of price increases. The price of neodymium oxide also increased by 4.4 percent.

The price of praseodymium oxide rose 3.8 percent this week. In the past week, the neodymium price came up 3.6 percent. The price of cerium oxide increased by 2.3 percent. Dysprosium oxide prices ticked up 1.1 percent over the past week.

Praseodymium neodymium oxide remained essentially flat from the previous week. Rare earth carbonate held steady from the week before as well. The price of terbium metal also didn’t fluctuate over the last seven days.

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