Defining a Strategic Sourcing Process For Middle-Market Firms

Every company has the ol’ time-honored step/”Chevron” process for strategic sourcing.

MetalMiner Editor Lisa Reisman interviewed Olivier Maurandy, VP Business Development for Fullstep USA, to get his take on strategic sourcing best practices. In this segment, Maurandy touches on how middle-market manufacturers and other companies can focus their sourcing processes.

Please note: Fullstep is a sponsor of MetalMiner.


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  • That’s a nice short and sweet way to look at things. You’re right that most companies approach strategic sourcing using a model or chevron approach but way people implement the entire process from strategy to follow through and future supplier renegotiation. Many people take a very short term approach in the immediate desperation to save money and leave the longer-term considerations and benefits on the table when they leave. Even decisions like whether an rfp is the right mechanism to use often don’t get questioned and just blindly used.
    At Elix-irr the chevron approach is there for consideration but every situation is treated individually for the best overall outcomes.



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