American Airlines Considering New Look

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American Airlines might be shaking up its signature look soon.

Their livery, which they have used since 1967—the red, white, and blue stripes on the hull, and tail logo with red and blue As separated by a blue eagle—has become iconic. However, as an airline official noted to Bloomberg, the brand may be getting a facelift:

“‘We have made a decision to embark on a modernization of our brand,’ Chief Commercial Officer Virasb Vahidi said in an interview. ‘That could culminate with a potentially new livery and logo — that’s something we are evaluating.’”

American Airlines current (and classic) look. Source: Boeing

Bloomberg noted that the review process for the brand began about 18 months ago, “before Fort Worth, Texas-based AMR’s Chapter 11 filing on Nov. 29 and US Airways’ pursuit of American, which includes signing labor accords with the airline’s unions. US Airways told the unions the American name would survive in a merger.”

Nothing has been decided regarding a change in the branding/exterior of the planes and no timetable was given.

Curious about the look of the new Dreamliners?

Bloomberg reported that “deliveries of American’s first Boeing Co. (BA) 787 Dreamliners in 2014’s fourth quarter pose a challenge to the airline’s traditional metal-finish exteriors: The new jets’ fuselage of composite-plastic materials can’t be polished like the aluminum skin of the carrier’s other Boeings. American ‘is doing a lot of studying’ to determine what the Dreamliner livery will look like, Vahidi said.”

Just another reason metal is better, if you ask me.

But it’s so fashionable!

For myself, what American Airlines seems to be neglecting to notice is that their look is chic again (save your money, AA). Did they not seen “Pan Am”? The series may have only lasted a season, but the gear has become rather popular.

I’m of the mindset that if something is working well, it is best to leave it alone—especially when it comes to branding. However, I am rather intrigued to see what look has had AA officials chatting for over 18 months…

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  1. I hope US Airways will buy American as soon as possible because this drama is hard to handle. I don’t think AA needs a new logo and color sheme now! They have to do better things and they are not very succesfull with reorganzisation til’yet . What they need is to get bigger and stronger and to have more destinations etc. A new fleet is also one important thing . If US Airways will buy AA then they will keep the old livery at first until the new DREAMLINER will arrive because to repaint all AA Planes now is really unrealistic and cost to much . I wouldn’t repaint the planes ! American ordered hundreds of Airbus and US Airways is  already flyin with them . So If US will buy AA US Airways just needs some of the orders from AA or they will replace theri Airbus fleet with the newer ones that AA ordered . I think the most importnat thing for AA should now be  SAVE JOBS , REPLACE THE OLD FLEET , GET BIGGER , TRY TO ADD NEW SERVICE  AND DON’T WASTER UR TIME IN FINANCIAL CRISIS WITH A NEW LIVERY ! JUST ONCE THINK ABOUT YOUR EMPLOYEES AMERICAN AIRLINES!

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