MetalMiner Memorial Day Roundup: Top 3 Steel Market Posts

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First off, a happy Memorial Day to all our readers! We hope you and yours celebrate this holiday weekend safely and heartily, while remembering our the sacrifice and dedication of our US armed forces.

Secondly, the real reason you came to MetalMiner (we hope) — to gather some sourcing intelligence on steel and base metals markets. These top 3 posts dealing with the steel market and steel prices should help equip you with knowledge going into your sourcing battles.

1. Falling Iron Ore, Coal Prices: The Start of a Steel Market Collapse? one of our most recent estimationsor, if you’re impatient, go straight to Part Two: When Steel Prices Will Hit Bottom

“…not everyone agrees we are in for a prolonged period of falling steel production and lower raw material prices.”

2. Steel Prices Rising? — a slightly earlier forecast…

“Ever since I heard Jorge Vazquez of Harbor Aluminum suggest the notion of a “good month to buy aluminum” (which I found so peculiar, if not downright intriguing – you’ll have to drop me a line if you want to know what month he suggested), I have often wondered if steel followed any similar pattern.”

3. See how the above stack up to our forecast at the beginning of the year: Steel Price Outlook for 2012

“Ten out of ten management consultancies would have hired my husband because he used perfect deductive reasoning, whereas I jumped to a more informal “intuitive decision (which, luckily for me, has since been validated by the Harvard Business Review). So when I look at steel price trends, I tend to look for patterns and rely upon my intuition, leaving the quantitative analysis and deductive reasoning to the brainiacs.”

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