How Manufacturers, Analysts See Aluminum Prices in 2013

A handful of poll questions were asked to the attendees at the Harbor Aluminum Outlook conference today, some of which bear sharing, especially since they take 2012 aluminum prices into consideration — and what industrial buyers, sellers, analysts and others are expecting for 2013.

Do you think speculative flows play a role in the determination of long term prices?

  • Yes, a bit — 42%
  • Yes, significantly — 47%
  • Not really — 11%

Speculation is playing as big a role as ever — see our earlier post.

Do you think aluminum prices are:

  • Overvalued? — 10%
  • Undervalued? — 68%
  • Fairly valued — 22%

I believe the bulk of demand/business growth in 2013 will come from:

  • North America — 62%
  • China — 23%
  • EU, Latin America and India distant third, fourth, fifth places

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