Metal Price Indexes and You: Don't Miss MetalMiner's Webinar on June 26

MetalMiner is pleased to remind the metals sourcing community about our upcoming webinar:

Five New Sourcing Strategies for Metal Buying Organizations (Using Metal Price Data)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT

Offering a new way for you to CYA, this 60-minute webinar will feature 10 new-to-the-world metal price indexes – or as we call them, MMIs – designed to help organizations better track and understand metal price trends.

Lisa Reisman, MetalMiner’s managing editor and main presenter, will illustrate how your company can use this price data to “build more statistically sound forecasting and predictive models,” as others have already done.

Whether you are interested in price trends for a specific industry or vertical metal sector, these 10 different MMIs cover them all:

  • Automotive MMI®
  • Construction MMI®
  • Renewables MMI®
  • Raw Steels MMI®
  • Stainless MMI®
  • Aluminum MMI®
  • Copper MMI®
  • Rare Earths MMI®
  • Global Precious Metals MMI®

Bonus: If you are interested in June’s MMI numbers, feel free to download a detailed report here.

Spend Matters Executive Editor Jason Busch will also present an overview and demonstration of how leading-edge metal buying organizations are embedding price data into sourcing applications.

Taras Berezowsky, editor of MetalMiner, will moderate.

How to Register:

“Five New Sourcing Strategies for Metal Buying Organizations (Using Metal Price Data)” is a free webinar.

 Click here to register.

Note: Seats will be limited to metal sourcing practitioners, consultants and financial services professionals.

We hope you join us on Tuesday, June 26!

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