Three Key Questions on Metal Price Indexes We'll Answer Next Week

Q: So what’s special about another metal price service?

A: Not only can users access full, daily metal prices for more than 600 price points from steel to copper to rare earths, MetalMiner features 10 new-to-the-world metal price indexes — the MMIs — to help your organization better track and understand underlying market dynamics.

Lisa Reisman, MetalMiner’s managing editor, will demonstrate how manufacturing organizations can specifically use these indexes in next week’s webinar — 5 New Sourcing Strategies for Metal Buying Organizations (Tuesday, June 26, 11:00 am EDT, 10:00 am CDT).

Q: I can already check a lot of prices elsewhere; how is MetalMiner IndX℠ different?

A: Not only could we add metal price points at the drop of a hat, but we alert you when the prices you follow rise or drop beyond a particular threshold — instantaneously. Also, leading-edge metal buying organizations have begun to embed price data into sourcing applications, which allows for smarter, more efficient spending on a company’s metals buy. Being the first metals price index exclusively designed for the cloud, MetalMiner IndX℠ is perfect for embedding.

This portion of the webinar will be presented by Spend Matters Editor Jason Busch, who knows a thing or two about smart procurement.

Q: How can I leverage a metals price index to save money on my company’s metals spend? I guess what I’m trying to say is, how can I cover my a**?

A: Simple; even though you don’t have a crystal ball — no one does — you can arm yourself with the next best thing. Next week’s webinar will provide examples of how companies are using price data to build more statistically sound forecasting and predictive models.

5 New Sourcing Strategies for Metal Buying Organizations will be moderated by MetalMiner Editor Taras Berezowsky.

How to Register:

“5 New Sourcing Strategies for Metal Buying Organizations (Using Metal Price Data)” is a free webinar.

 Click here to register.

Note: Seats will be limited to metal sourcing practitioners, consultants and financial services professionals.

We hope you join us on Tuesday, June 26!

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