US Silver Up Again

The price of US silver closed up June 29, 2012 at $27.56 per ounce, halting two days of weakening prices with a 3.7 percent increase. The price of Chinese silver fell 1.8 percent to CNY 5,630 ($885) per kilogram. Japanese silver finished the day down 0.9 percent to JPY 677.00 ($8.53) per 10 grams. Indian silver ended the day at INR 52,256 ($919) per kilogram, after the 0.6 percent drop last Friday.

Indian gold bullion prices saw a one percent decline to INR 29,510 ($519) per 10 grams. At CNY 320.90 ($50.47) per gram, Chinese gold bullion fell 0.7 percent last Friday. The price of Japanese gold bullion declined 0.5 percent to JPY 4,009 ($50) per gram. The price of US gold bullion continues hovering around $1,543 per ounce for the fifth day in a row.

The price of US platinum bar is back up, rising by 1.9 percent last Friday to close at $1,419 per ounce. Chinese platinum bar closed 1.9 percent lower at CNY 304.00 ($47.81) per gram. Following two days of downward movement, the price of Japanese platinum bar held steady at JPY 3,615 ($45) per gram.

Chinese palladium bar ended the day at CNY 138.00 ($21.70) per gram, after the 2.1 percent drop last Friday. Japanese palladium bar closed 1.7 percent lower at JPY 1,461 ($18) per gram. After falling for two days, the price of US palladium bar rose 0.4 percent to $573.00 per ounce.

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