SEC's Upcoming Conflict Minerals Ruling: What It Will Mean for Manufacturers

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On Wednesday, Aug. 22 at 10 am, a committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will consider “whether to adopt rules regarding disclosure and reporting obligations with respect to the use of conflict minerals to implement the requirements of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.”

Here’s the SEC’s full agenda for Wednesday. Also, check out MetalMiner’s Conflict Minerals Legislative Guide for expert analysis and commentary.)

MetalMiner will have all of the details and insight on the announcement and what the rules will mean for manufacturing organizations. As a leader in the metals space when it comes to reporting what conflict minerals legislation and compliance mean for manufacturing firms’ business and sourcing practices, MetalMiner has already hosted a comprehensive webinar on the topic.

Access a recording of “Conflict Minerals – A Sourcing Manager’s Legislative Guide to Implementing Dodd-Frank” to get all the necessary context and background on Dodd-Frank, exactly which metals are involved, and what developments so far have done to the legislative compliance environment.

Of special interest, of course, is how the conflict minerals legislation pertains to tantalum — a conflict mineral MetalMiner has covered extensively.

Many buyers are concerned about how Dodd-Frank and other factors have and will affect tantalum supply, whether some of the tantalum shortages seen in the past will be eased, and what the overall effect will be on tantalum prices.

If your company is in the yellow or red sections of this conflict minerals ranking put together by the Enough Project — or if your company supplies or in any way interacts with these or similar OEMs — you should be up on what compliance means to your business.

Check back in with MetalMiner on Wednesday and Thursday for exclusive commentary on the SEC’s ruling.



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