Best of MetalMiner 2012: Labor Day Is Here


Hopefully all of you working in metals sourcing and trading aren’t as beat as this guy going into the fall…but if you are, well — Happy Labor Day to you! Hope you get some well-deserved rest.

And before you go into grillout-mode, or wrap that boat up to put it in storage, here are some key MetalMiner stories you shouldn’t have missed from the past quarter or so. Enjoy!

The SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rule Passed

SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rules to Have Big Impact on Manufacturers

With Conflict Minerals Law Passed, What Can Indonesian Tin Mining Teach Us?

Metals Market- and Price Trends

US Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Price Outlook for 2012, 2013

Manganese: Twin Brother or Ugly Stepchild of the Rare Earth Metal Family?

US Aluminum Midwest Ingot Price at Quite a Premium Over LME – Why?

…And Just For Fun

Why Graphite Is a Critical Material For The US

Pre-2012 Olympic Games Metal Check: Populous, ArcelorMittal, Oh My!

Copper – and Traders’ Blazers – Are Risk-On, Risk-Off Assets

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