Current Price for US Palladium Bar Drops

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On Sept. 26, 2012, US palladium bar fell by 0.9 percent, making it the day’s biggest mover on MetalMiner’s precious metals price index.

Japanese palladium bar fell 0.6 percent on Wednesday. The price of Chinese palladium bar flattened following two days of declines.

US platinum bar prices saw a 0.6 percent decline. Japanese platinum bar prices rose 0.5 percent. Chinese platinum bar saw little change in its price on Wednesday.

US gold bullion ended the day after a 0.3 percent drop on Wednesday. Japanese gold bullion closed 0.2 percent lower, while the price of Indian gold bullion remained essentially flat and the price of Chinese gold bullion was essentially unchanged.

US silver finished the day down 0.7 percent. The price of Japanese silver fell 0.4 percent. Chinese silver ended the day after dropping 0.3 percent on Wednesday. The price of Indian silver remained essentially flat.

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