Weekly Rare Earths Index: Praseodymium Neodymium Oxide Price Spikes

today's metal prices - MetalMiner IndXThe biggest mover on the weekly Rare Earths MMI® was praseodymium neodymium oxide, which saw an 18.2 percent increase.

The price of terbium oxide rose 12.6 percent after falling 6.5 percent during the previous week. The price of europium oxide rose 8.3 percent after falling 5.2 percent during the previous week.

Praseodymium oxide climbed, showing 5.6 percent increase on our rare earths index. Dysprosium oxide closed last week with a 4.8 percent rise in price. Neodymium oxide gained a slight 1.3 percent this past week.

The price of lanthanum oxide did not change since the previous week. The week finished with no movement for neodymium either. Rare earth carbonate traded sideways last week. Following a steady week, prices for samarium oxide closed flat as well.

The Rare Earths MMI® collects and weights 14 global rare earth metal price points to provide a unique view into rare earth metal price trends. For more information on the Rare Earths MMI®, how it’s calculated or how your company can use the index, please drop us a note at: info (at) agmetalminer (dot) com.

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