MetalMiner Birthday Bash: Week Three

Celebrate MetalMiner's 5th Birthday

Welcome to Week Three of MetalMiner’s month-long birthday celebration!

Be sure to take a look at last week’s giftshave a laugh, and download the  new November MMI® report!

Each week leading up to MetalMiner’s 5th birthday on Dec. 4th, we will be celebrating by handing out a few gifts to thank you, our loyal readers.

Thanks to you, we have much to celebrate: MetalMiner is now the largest online metals publication by traffic!


So, please enjoy the daily gifts and be sure to add us on TwitterFacebook, or Google+ for other reminders. We will also be featuring weekly videos, celebrating how far we have come in five years.

For a complete update on what we will be ‘gifting’ each week, please see our MetalMiner Birthday Bash page.

Join in on the fun! Spread the word using the hashtag: #MetalMinerBirthdayBash


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