MetalMiner's Christmas Carol

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For a bit of holiday fun, sing this little ditty to the tune of “Away in a Manger”:

metalminer christmas caroler



The Euro’s in danger,

No jobs and no bread

But the ECB tells us

Don’t worry your head

The Dollar’s on the verge of

A steep fiscal cliff

Senators and the Congress

In an almighty tiff

And Britain’s not growing

The Pound’s on the rack

Had enough of the bust

When will boom time come back

But China’s still thriving

Building offices and homes

And copies of everything

From pants to iPhones

When will we recover

When will things be right

When will we all get through

An untroubled night

Two thousand and thirteen

Will bring us that peace

More sales and production

An income increase

And plenty of fun

And a spanking new car

And holidays on beaches

And nights in the bar

And beautiful clothing

And no sign of stress

And ski breaks in winter

And health and success

We can’t guarantee that

But we hope it comes true

So that Christmas wish comes

From MM to You

Merry Christmas everyone.


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