Wishing You a Merry Christmas – Spend Matters and MetalMiner Style

As parents, the commercialism of Christmas (and Hanukah, in our case) always gets to us.

This year, our kids nearly outright rebelled when the gifts were small. Yet in a world where inexpensive toys made in factories that require transit in a container ship still rule the day – the total-cost manufacturing equation for reshoring still doesn’t work for plastic junk yet – the amount of toy stuff that a family accumulates in general can be alarming.

For us, a holiday season with fewer gifts and greater time together (e.g., making the kids sing songs as a family) as well as treks to see holiday lights is what makes the spirit of the season.

Even though we’re not fans of anti-American rhetoric coming from a pop star who is lucky to be alive thanks to the sacrifice a previous generation made to preserve his ability to grow up in a free South Korea, we do like the beat of PSY’s tremendous hit this year (sorry, Peter, our taste in music on this side of the Atlantic is nowhere near as sophisticated as your music reviews on Spend Matters UK/Europe). And we really like Gangnam Style set to Christmas lights.

Enjoy! And Merry X-Mas to all.

– Lisa Reisman and Jason Busch

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