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metalminer newsletter gunpowderThis summer, MetalMiner decided to bring back its trusted newsletter, GUNPOWDER.

Published on a bi-weekly basis, GUNPOWDER will keep you up to date on all things metal and MetalMiner in 2013.

In our last issue, we noted the top trending stories on MetalMiner, the biggest metal movers and shakers for that week, and the metals we think you should be watching right now:

Rare Earth Metals:
The FT ran a story recently citing MetalMiner data that showed the rare earth complex still suffering from oversupply and low prices. To wit, a day after the FT story was published, the China price of cerium dropped 13.5 percent, and lanthanum bombed 15.7 percent downwards. Even though our December Rare Earths MMI® increased, rare earths price increases may not be sustainable.

Raw Material Inputs:
In China, daily crude oil imports and iron ore imports are robust, with iron ore prices jumping up accordingly. On Friday, Dec. 21, the Chinese coking coal price jumped 2.9 percent, its first considerable uptick in weeks. We’ll see if infrastructure projects in China can support the demand for these raw materials and, consequently, steel production.

In another section of the newsletter, we discussed a recent Financial Times article–concerning Molycorp’s finances, falling rare earths prices and other challenges the new interim chief executive is facing—that used MetalMiner as a key source for the current and historical prices of rare earths: cerium oxide and lanthanum oxide (both are main products of the company).

So, what else can you expect from GUNPOWDER? Check it out:

  • Notes from the MetalMiner crew on events, recent news, and the metals to watch.
  • Links to all of the latest Monthly MMI Reports
  • New metals sourcing research available for download
  • Links to new webinars, recordings, and/or videos
  • Trivia and, of course, humorous videos

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