Japanese Platinum Bar Price Rises 2.3%

On Jan. 15, 2013, Japanese platinum bar jumped up 2.3 percent, making it the day’s biggest increase on our precious metals price index.

For the 7th day in a row, the price of Chinese platinum bar rose and is currently above $56 per gram. The price of US platinum bar remained essentially flat.

The price of Japanese palladium bar increased 1.6 percent. The price of Chinese palladium bar has been on the rise for 7 days. US palladium bar saw its price rise 0.9 percent.

Chinese gold bullion prices rose 0.4 percent. US gold bullion prices inched up 0.3 percent. Japanese gold bullion finished the day up 0.1 percent. The price of Indian gold bullion remained steady.

today's metal prices - MetalMiner IndXThe price of US silver finished the market day up 2.1 percent per ounce. After a 1.3 percent increase, Chinese silver finished the day up. Japanese silver gained 0.8 percent. The price of Indian silver showed little movement yesterday.

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