Japanese Palladium Bar Shifts 2.8%

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Japanese palladium bar saw a 2.8 percent increase on Jan. 28, 2013, reaching JPY 2,158 ($23.66) per gram and making it the biggest upwards shift of the day. The price of Chinese palladium bar is back up, rising by 2.3 percent yesterday to close at CNY 180.00 ($28.94) per gram. US palladium bar prices inched up 2.1 percent to $740.00 per ounce.

At JPY 4,943 ($54.20), the price of Japanese platinum bar finished the market day up 0.8 percent per gram. After falling for two days, the price of Chinese platinum bar rose 0.7 percent to CNY 359.00 ($57.71) per gram. The price of US platinum bar was unchanged at $1,549 per ounce.

At $1,659 per ounce, US gold bullion fell 0.5 percent yesterday. Indian gold bullion ended the day at INR 30,452 ($565.99) per 10 grams, after the 0.4 percent drop on Monday. The price of Chinese gold bullion fell 0.3 percent to CNY 334.38 ($53.75) per gram. Following a couple days of improvement, the price of Japanese gold bullion weakened by 0.1 percent. Prices closed at JPY 4,857 ($53.26) per gram.

The price of US silver declined 1.4 percent to $31.18 per ounce. Indian silver finished the day down 1.3 percent to INR 57,816 ($1,075) per kilogram. Chinese silver closed 0.6 percent lower at CNY 6,310 ($1,014) per kilogram. Japanese silver prices rose 0.2 percent to JPY 909.00 ($9.97) per 10 grams.