US Platinum Bar On Gain Streak

 Strengthening prices ended a three-day flat streak as the price of US platinum bar moved up by 8.1 percent on Feb. 1, 2013 to $1,674 per ounce. The price of Chinese platinum bar fell 0.3 percent to CNY 356.00 ($57.25) per gram. Japanese platinum bar saw little change in its price last Friday at JPY 4,924 ($53.68) per gram.

Chinese palladium bar closed 1.1 percent lower at CNY 180.00 ($28.94) per gram. US palladium bar prices saw a 0.8 percent decline to $741.00 per ounce. The price of Japanese palladium bar flattened at JPY 2,214 ($24.14) after two days of improvement.

Weakening prices followed two days of improvement as the price of Chinese gold bullion dropped 0.8 percent to CNY 334.60 ($53.80) per gram. Following a couple days of improvement, the price of US gold bullion weakened by 0.8 percent. Prices closed at $1,664 per ounce. Indian gold bullion has been on the decline for 7 days and is now at INR 29,975 ($563.22) per 10 grams. After a couple of days of improving prices, the price of Japanese gold bullion held steady at JPY 4,913 ($53.56).

The price of US silver declined 1.7 percent to $31.47 per ounce, after two days of improvement. The price of Chinese silver changed direction with a 1.7 percent drop. After two days of improving prices, the metal finished at CNY 6,330 ($1,018) per kilogram. Following two days of rising prices, the price of Indian silver dropped 1.6 percent to INR 57,256 ($1,076) per kilogram. The price of Japanese silver steadied at JPY 928.00 ($10.12) per 10 grams following two-days of increases.

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