Nuggets of Metal Appreciation: Coal Mining Museum to Mars Flower

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Source: valleyboy74 at Flickr

“Coal Mining Museum Installs Solar Panels To Save on Energy Bill”
by Will Oremus, Staff Writer for Slate

Source: The Crucible Oakland at Flickr

“Why Blacksmiths are Better at Startups than You”
by Product Crusader Amy Hoy

Source: Damn Cool Pictures

If you’re involved with metals in the Star Wars universe, or need special parts for your daughter’s landspeeder, you may have need of a Jawa’s expertise.

Source: Study O Portable

Neon Alphabet designed and made by Study O Portable composed of “patinated and waxed sterling silver tubes and bent borosilicate glass tubes.”

Source: 2di7 & titanio44 at Flickr

The discovery of what appears to be a protruding piece of metal—magnified above by Elisabetta Bonora, an image editing enthusiast—was covered in an issue of MetalMiner’s newsletter. It’s a tantalizing mystery. Who knows? A fossilized descendent of the planet Cybertron, perhaps.

Nate Burgos is a designer who is ever-curious about design and designing at Design Feast.

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