Cash Price of Primary Indian Aluminum Sees Small Price Drop

With a decline of 1.0 percent to INR 104.30 ($1.92) per kilogram on March 1, 2013, the Indian aluminum cash price recorded the biggest decline of the day. On the LME, the primary aluminum cash price showed little movement last Friday, hovering around $1,971 per metric ton. On the LME, the 3-month price of aluminum saw little movement last Friday at $2,016 per metric ton.

Chinese aluminum prices were mixed for the day. Chinese aluminum billet ended the day at CNY 14,300 ($2,298) per metric ton, after the 0.7 percent drop last Friday. The Chinese aluminum cash price saw a 0.7 percent decline to CNY 14,380 ($2,311) per metric ton. At CNY 12,005 ($1,929) per metric ton, the price of Chinese aluminum scrap was essentially unchanged. The price of Chinese aluminum bar continues hovering around CNY 14,050 ($2,258) per metric ton for the fifth day in a row.

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