The Highest-Paying Jobs in the Steel Industry

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Right now, many people are looking for the highest-paying jobs in their fields. They want to ensure that they are getting paid for their work and that they are able to stay afloat in a difficult economy.

This is, of course, true when it comes to the steel industry, too – what are some of the highest-paying jobs in this sector?

Teaching Opportunities

First of all, you need to think outside the box a bit to find the highest-paying jobs. According to State University’s article, “Steel Industry Job Descriptions, Careers in the Steel Industry, Salary, Employment – Definition and Nature of the Industry, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job,” careers in the steel industry are likely to drop by 13 percent by the time 2014 comes around, so you may need to explore other possible opportunities when searching for this type of work.

The Technological Component

If you are looking into contributing to new technologies for the steel industry, then you may be in a very good place. The article also notes that “throughout the industry, productivity is anticipated to improve through the automation of tasks formerly handled by lower-skilled workers, and remaining jobs will require higher levels of skill and education.” Basically, human labor is going to be replaced with technology. Therefore, if you can create those technologies, you’ll be in a good place.

EAF Mills

What exactly is an EAF mill? Well, if you want a job in this industry, it’s important to know that EAF mills stand for electric arc furnace mills. The article notes, “more opportunities should be available in EAF mills, which are expected to increase their share of the market, than in integrated mills.” If you are interested in this type of position, then you should start learning some of the basic skills needed for it.

Production Jobs

Even when new technologies are produced, companies are still going to need steel made for a whole variety of purposes. Therefore, you should look into getting into the production angle. You might work as a designer of new concepts for the use of the steel, or you could work to come up with new ways that the steel could be produced. Whatever the case, this industry could work for you.

The highest-paying jobs will always vary based on location, season and more. However, the positions are definitely in high demand, and with that generally comes higher pay, regardless of the specifics!


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