MetalMiner Announces Conflict Minerals EDGE Conference – May 6, 2013

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Without a doubt, conflict minerals have taken center stage for thousands of buying organizations across the United States.

And the more we write about conflict minerals, the more questions seem to come up.

The most basic questions – including, ‘do my finished parts contain conflict minerals and/or does the stainless steel grade that I buy in my sub-assemblies contain conflict minerals?’ – may not seem like simple questions. In fact, we tried to pull together a Conflict Minerals webinar for later this month only to come to the conclusion that we’d have to offer several webinars on many different subjects to begin to scratch the surface of the myriad questions readers have sent our way.

Instead, we have opted to organize an event for May 6, 2013, in Chicago to provide readers with the opportunity to ask their most challenging questions of some of the industry’s most knowledgeable conflict minerals experts.

Check out the event and registration page here!

We’ve structured it as a partial training day (think tools, templates, and checklists vs. PowerPoint slides) to cover conflict minerals implementation best practices, with the other part being TED conference-style roundtable discussions asking the upstream community some of the tough questions around their conflict-free smelter programs.

The event will allow for lively discussions and audience participation. The conference will specifically address dozens of questions spanning metal-specific areas to the actual reporting requirements of the regulations:

  1. I’m not a publicly traded company, but many of my customers are. What am I obligated to do with regard to conflict minerals?
  2. I’m going to declare some of my sourced parts as “source undeterminable” to meet 2014 reporting requirements – but what am I going to do after that?
  3. Will the NAM lawsuit change reporting requirements for conflict minerals?
  4. Is it enough to just contractually demand and make all suppliers sign a contract stating they can’t ship conflict minerals? (Does this go far enough?)
  5. I source materials from both China and the US. Is Chinese material exempt?
  6. There are a lot of technology companies with conflict minerals solutions; which ones follow the EICC/GeSI process so that I can leverage some of my internal templates previously developed?
  7. I have only achieved a 60% response rate from my outbound supplier surveys; how do I get the other 40% to respond?
  8. The CFS smelter lists aren’t complete. I know my products contain tin. How do I ensure my supply chain sources conflict-free?
  9. Which derivative metals could contain conflict minerals?
  10. Is aluminum a conflict-free metal?

In addition, all attendees will receive specific conflict minerals implementation tools:

  • Checklists
  • Project plans
  • Templates
  • Technology maps and decision guides

Of course, this event will feature great networking opportunities, including a luncheon and cocktail reception.

For more information on Conflict Minerals EDGE, click the link below:

Event and Registration Page

* Want to see more conflict minerals analysis from MetalMiner? Check out the exclusive Conflict Minerals section of our site (a drop-down menu at the top of the home page)!

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  1. john devine says:

    If possible, please send a list periodically of those companies who are planning on attending your May 6 conference so I can use that information as further justification for Kiva Systems to attend.
    Thank you.

    1. Lisa Reisman says:

      Will do.

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