Why Subscribing to MetalMiner IndX Pays Off For Industrial Metals Buyers

  • Did you know that MetalMiner IndX℠ subscribers receive our daily and weekly metal price reports several hours before they’re published on agmetalminer.com? (Not to mention that the exact prices are available in each and every story!)
  • Did you know that the headline index values of our 10 MMI Indexes – key indicators for most industrial metals markets – are published on the MetalMiner IndX℠ several days before they’re publicly made available?

You’ll know where the ferrous, non-ferrous, rare earths, precious and several other metals markets are headed – not only on the exchanges, but in local markets too – before anyone else.

Hundreds of people in the industry are subscribing monthly to our MMI price report, and we’re adding more every single day. Starting later today, we’ll begin publishing the individual metal sector MMI articles for April 2013.

Be sure to check them out.

As always, feel free to contact us to find out how the Monthly MMI Report can help your company: info(at)agmetalminer.com

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