Why Fortune-500 Manufacturers Need Conflict Minerals Compliance Tools

You and your company are not alone in getting a handle on Conflict Minerals compliance – General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and Motorola are all right there with you.

That’s why they (and many other companies) are attending MetalMiner’s one-day conference on all-things-compliance for manufacturers. They want answers to these types of hard-to-answer questions:

  • Is it enough to just contractually demand and make all suppliers sign a contract stating they can’t ship conflict minerals?
  • There are a lot of technology companies with conflict minerals solutions; which ones do what, and what should I choose?
  • I have only achieved a 60% response rate from my outbound supplier surveys; how do I get the other 40% to respond?

And they’ll get answers.

Find out the details on our main event page.

complying with conflict minerals rule


Specific implementation tools, including

  • Checklists
  • Project plans
  • Templates
  • Technology maps and decision guides

Not to mention intimate discussions, in roundtable format, with the industry’s leading voices in conflict minerals compliance.

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