Japanese Silver Drops 14.3%

Japanese silver had the largest decline on April 15, 2013, dropping 14.3 percent and landing at JPY 740.00 ($7.52) per 10 grams. The price of Indian silver fell to a thirty-day low at INR 45,117 ($827.52) per kilogram after shifting 12.3 percent. The price of Chinese silver fell 8.3 percent to a thirty-day low of CNY 5,160 ($832.60) per kilogram yesterday. On Monday’s price drop of 6.5 percent carried the price of US silver to a thirty-day low of $25.85 per ounce.

The price of Indian gold bullion reached a thirty-day low after decreasing 8.3 percent to INR 26,450 ($485.14) per 10 grams. Landing at JPY 4,579 ($46.54) per gram yesterday, Japanese gold bullion prices fell 8.3 percent. After falling 7.4 percent to CNY 288.90 ($46.62) per gram, the price of Chinese gold bullion reached a thirty-day low. US gold bullion saw its price drop 5.4 percent to a thirty-day low of $1,477 per ounce yesterday.

A $278.00 price decline in the Japanese platinum bar left the price at JPY 4,623 ($46.99) per gram. Chinese platinum bar fell 3.1 percent to CNY 315.00 ($50.83) per gram. At $1,484 per ounce, US platinum bar was down 3.1 percent from the previous market day.

The price of Chinese palladium bar closed Monday at CNY 158.00 ($25.49) per gram, halting its two-day flat run with a 4.2 percent decline. Japanese palladium bar prices fell 4.2 percent, landing at JPY 2,300 ($23.38) per gram on Monday. US palladium bar took a large hit on yesterday, sliding down 3.4 percent before landing at $705.00 per ounce.

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