These Polls Prove Your Company Needs the "Conflict Minerals EDGE"

“Do you know you source conflict minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold)?”


“Do you know what you must do almost exactly one year from now?”


Yeah, these people aren’t ready either:

Source: IHS

That sample of electronics industry managers surveyed by IHS isn’t alone – in fact, if those in the electronics industry are behind, what does that say for the rest of us? Scary.

Here’s a follow-up poll, from EBN Network (a site covering the electronics industry supply chain):

Source: EBN Network

FULL DISCLOSURE: The one respondent who is “done and cracking the Champagne” – that’s me. I had to vote to see the results. (And I do always fancy myself cracking Champagne.) But in essence, not only is no one done; very few have even begun.

We at MetalMiner have known this for a while, and that’s exactly why we’re in the business of helping manufacturers become compliant.

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