Chinese Platinum Bar Price Moves Up 1.9%

Chinese platinum bar saw a 1.9 percent increase on Monday, May 6, making it the biggest upwards shift of the day. The price of US platinum bar finished the market day up 0.2 percent per ounce. The price of Japanese platinum bar was essentially unchanged.

The price of Chinese palladium bar increased 0.6 percent. US palladium bar ended the day after a 0.1 percent drop yesterday. The price of Japanese palladium bar continues hovering in place for the fifth day in a row.

today's metal prices - MetalMiner IndXIndian gold bullion prices saw a 0.3 percent decline. Chinese gold bullion finished the day up 0.3 percent. US gold bullion prices inched up 0.2 percent. The price of Japanese gold bullion showed little movement yesterday.

US silver prices rose 1.3 percent. Chinese silver gained 0.8 percent. After a 0.6 percent increase, Indian silver finished the day up. The price of Japanese silver remained essentially flat.

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