Indian Silver Price Gains 5.4%

Indian silver moved up 5.4 percent on Thursday, May 9, the day’s biggest change. Following a 1.4 percent rise on Thursday, the price of Chinese silver closed up. The price of US silver flattened after two days of downward movement. For the fifth consecutive day, the price of Japanese silver.

After falling for two days, the price of Indian gold bullion rose 4.2 percent. After a 1.5 percent increase, US gold bullion finished the day up. Following a two-day drop, the price of Chinese gold bullion increased by 0.6 percent. Japanese gold bullion stayed flat.

today's metal prices - MetalMiner IndXUS platinum bar finished the day up 1.4 percent. The price of Chinese platinum bar increased 0.6 percent. The price of Japanese platinum bar was essentially unchanged.

The price of US palladium bar finished the market day up 2.1 percent per ounce. The price of Japanese palladium bar held steady. The price of Chinese palladium bar remained essentially flat.

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