Lynas Corp. Breathes Easier Post-Election, Rare Earths Index Prices Steady

Looks like Australia’s Lynas Corp. may have an easier ride in the next several years following the Malaysian election outcome.

Via Forbes: “Lynas Corp…built [its] rare-earth refinery in Malaysia in the face of local opposition. Opposition candidates had promised to reexamine the mining license. Now it seems that the $800 million plant in Kuantan, which opened in February, should have a smoother run. Shares in Lynas [had risen] 15% to A$0.57” in Sydney following the election.

However, rare earths prices are still very low. What happened on our price index this week?

Current Rare Earth Metal and Oxide Prices

today's metal prices - MetalMiner IndXThe Rare Earths MMI® metals had a quiet week, with cerium oxide hovering in place. Dysprosium oxide remained essentially flat from the previous week, and the week finished with no movement for europium oxide.

Following a steady week, prices for lanthanum oxide, neodymium, neodymium oxide, rare earth carbonate and samarium oxide also traded sideways last week.

The rest of the complex kept quiet as well.

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