Best of MetalMiner: Alcoa 'Strategery', China Shocker, Rusal's Deripaska Kinda Douchey

It’s that time again – when we show you what we’ve been up to over the last several months.

This time, let’s revisit the global aluminum market, shall we?

1. Alcoa’s Cost of Aluminum Production Spurs Cuts…Err, ‘Strategic Review’

“The fact is, though, that while Alcoa is musing over a possible half-million tons of possible cuts, it is bringing on-stream 740,000 tons of new smelting capacity in Saudi Arabia. Overall, the company’s capacity will rise even with the cuts; it will merely move it down the cost curve. This is critical if the firm is to continue to do well in the low-price environment expected for the short to medium term.”

2. Shocker: China Not to Blame for Global Aluminum Glut

“We are going to say something a little controversial here: it could be argued that the problem of global oversupply in the aluminum market is not most people’s focus of China – it’s Russia.”

Speaking of Russia…

3. Rusal’s Oleg Deripaska Tells It Like It Is

The company chief’s thoughts on Pussy Riot, the FSB and Gazprom…

Happy Memorial Day, folks!

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