Best of MetalMiner: Stainless Price Forecast, Ferrous Scrap Trends, Remembering Boston

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While remembering the true meaning of Memorial Day – honoring the men and women who have fought and died for the United States – we’re remembering some of the more effective pieces we’ve put together for MetalMiner readers over the past several months.

1. Have Stainless Steel Market Prices Hit Bottom?

“We hope readers will excuse us for writing about the cost dynamics on a fairly frequent basis. Price and supply movements often happen in small steps and a rolling picture can be better than a quarterly in-depth report. Today we ask, could stainless prices – at least austenitic nickel-bearing stainless prices – have bottomed?”

2. Ferrous Scrap Price Forecast: Turkish, Asian Markets in the Doldrums

“The ferrous scrap market has been a reflection of the finished steel market this quarter – at least in Europe and Southeast Asia, according to Delphica, a Ukrainian steel market analytics firm. A recent report advised the market as being characterized by poor buyer interest in light of weak finished steel demand and ample supplies, in spite of a temporary stoppage on Ukrainian exports.”

3. Boston Marathon Bombing: Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Likely Yields Clues

“What do investigators now know? At this point, we have to believe investigators now definitely know the following: 1. Who made the pressure cooker 2. Possibly when it was made and where it was likely shipped/sold (perhaps to a wholesaler, or big box retailer) based on the additional markings in the first photo, particularly if those numbers include a serial number 3. With a serial number, one can likely track the approximate production date and to whom the pressure cooker was shipped (e.g. big box retailer) 4. If the investigators can confirm the alloy, then they also know the mechanical, chemical and physical properties of the exact pressure cooker in question, which would allow the forensic team to simulate the explosion and glean additional details.”

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe Memorial Day.

~ The MetalMiner Editors

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