Rare Earths MMI®: Terbium Metal Down 40.0%

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Terbium metal finished as the week’s biggest mover on the weekly Rare Earths MMI® after dropping 40.0 percent and landing at CNY 3,750 ($610.91) per kilogram. Samarium oxide dropped 34.3 percent over the past week to CNY 23,000 ($3,747) per metric ton. The price of yttrium decreased to CNY 215.00 ($35.03) per kilogram, a 20.4 percent decline from the previous week.

Yttria saw an 8.0 percent drop-off this week to end at CNY 57,500 ($9,367) per metric ton. The past week saw praseodymium neodymium oxide close at CNY 240,000 ($39,099) per metric ton after a 7.7 percent decline. Praseodymium neodymium oxide prices fell to CNY 240,000 ($39,099) per metric ton, down from CNY 260,000 ($42,373) a week ago. Europium oxide weakened by 5.7 percent to land at CNY 3,300 ($537.60) per kilogram.

After a 2.8 percent decline, praseodymium oxide closed out the week at CNY 345,000 ($56,204) per metric ton. At CNY 28,000 ($4,561) per metric ton, the price of cerium oxide did not change since the previous week. Closing at CNY 29,500 ($4,806) per metric ton, lanthanum oxide remained unchanged for the week. Prices for neodymium remained constant, closing the week at CNY 425,000 ($68,407) per metric ton.

Following a steady week, prices for neodymium oxide closed flat at CNY 255,000 ($41,542) per metric ton. Rare earth carbonate traded sideways last week, hovering around CNY 27,500 ($4,480) per metric ton. Terbium oxide prices held steady from the previous week at CNY 2,400 ($390.99) per kilogram.

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