Barrick Gold Corp Mine Getting a Visit as Prices Hit 30-Day Low

In April, Chile’s “courts temporarily halted construction of [Barrick Gold Corp’s] Pascua-Lama, which straddles the Chile-Argentine border, to weigh claims by indigenous communities that the project has damaged pristine glaciers and harmed water supplies.”

“I’m going to go through the works next Monday and verify on site exactly what the situation is. A personal inspection was never ordered, but this shows the concern that the court has to make the best possible ruling,” Judge Antonio Ulloa was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Precious metals prices, for gold, silver, platinum and palladium, are still on a downward slide.

US silver had the largest decline on MetalMiner’s price index on Thursday, June 27, dropping 5.7 percent. Chinese silver saw its price drop 0.9 percent to a 30-day low on Thursday. The price of Japanese silver reached a 30-day low after decreasing 0.7 percent. Indian silver finished the day down 0.6 percent.

On Thursday a price drop of 4.1 percent carried the price of US gold bullion to a 30-day low. After falling 0.9 percent, the price of Chinese gold bullion reached a 30-day low. The price of Indian gold bullion fell 0.6 percent. The price of Japanese gold bullion declined 0.5 percent.

The price of US platinum bar fell 3.9 percent to a 30-day low yesterday. Chinese platinum bar saw its price drop 2.1 percent to a 30-day low as well on Thursday. The price of Japanese platinum bar rose 1.0 percent after a two-day drop.

US palladium bar prices fell 5.1 percent. Chinese palladium bar ended the day after a 2.7 percent drop yesterday. Japanese palladium bar fell 1.5 percent on Thursday.

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