After a Couple Changeless Days, Chinese Palladium Bar Weakens

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On Friday, July 5, the day’s biggest mover was the price of Chinese palladium bar, which saw a 1.6 percent decline to CNY 149.50 ($24.40) per gram. The price of Japanese palladium bar fell 0.1 percent to JPY 2,211 ($22.06) per gram. The price of US palladium bar showed little movement last Friday at $683.00 per ounce.

The price of Japanese platinum bar dropped by 1.4 percent to JPY 4,378 ($43.67) per gram after holding steady. Chinese platinum bar closed 1.0 percent lower at CNY 283.00 ($46.19) per gram. After a couple of days of decreasing prices, the price of US platinum bar held steady at $1,342.

At INR 26,243 ($436.06) per 10 grams, Indian gold bullion fell 0.5 percent last Friday. Chinese gold bullion finished the day down 0.4 percent to CNY 253.95 ($41.45) per gram. At JPY 4,037 ($40.27), the price of Japanese gold bullion finished the market day up 0.1 percent per gram. At $1,253 per ounce, the price of US gold bullion was essentially unchanged.

After improving for two days, the price of Indian silver declined 1.2 percent to INR 41,420 ($688.24) per kilogram. The price of Chinese silver declined 1.0 percent to CNY 3,910 ($638.15) per kilogram. Japanese silver gained 0.3 percent to finish at JPY 630.00 ($6.28) per 10 grams. The price of US silver held steady at $19.72 per ounce.