US Silver 1.1% Lower

The price of US silver fell 1.1 percent on Monday, July 15 to $19.92 per ounce, making it the day’s biggest mover. After a 0.4 percent increase, Indian silver finished the day at INR 41,026 ($685.04) per kilogram. Chinese silver prices inched up 0.4 percent to CNY 4,020 ($654.65) per kilogram. The price of Japanese silver held steady at JPY 632.00 ($6.37) per 10 grams.

At CNY 260.00 ($42.34), the price of Chinese gold bullion finished the market day up 0.5 percent per gram. The price of Indian gold bullion increased 0.5 percent to INR 26,717 ($446.11) per 10 grams. Following a two-day rise, the price of US gold bullion flattened at $1,285. Japanese gold bullion held its value yesterday at JPY 4,088 ($41.20) per gram.

US platinum bar gained 0.2 percent to finish at $1,406 per ounce. The price of Chinese platinum bar steadied at CNY 297.00 ($48.37) per gram following two-days of increases. The price of Japanese platinum bar showed little movement yesterday at JPY 4,503 ($45.38) per gram.

Chinese palladium bar saw its price rise 0.6 percent to CNY 162.00 ($26.38) per gram. After a 0.1 percent increase, US palladium bar finished the day at $720.00 per ounce. Japanese palladium bar saw little change in its price yesterday at JPY 2,326 ($23.44) per gram.

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