Rare Earths Prices Up Again: Good News for Molycorp, Lynas?

With another weekly price increase, one wonders if the hopes of Molycorp, Inc. and Lynas Corp. are rising and the rare earths complex is in a sustainable upward trend.

With a 11.1 percent increase over the past week, dysprosium oxide was the biggest mover on our weekly Rare Earths MMI®. With a 9.4 percent climb, yttrium claimed one of the largest gains. Another of the big movers this week was neodymium, which shot up 8.5 percent.

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The price of terbium oxide increased 4.8 percent this week. Terbium metal prices rose 4.3 percent over the past week. A 3.2 percent jump caught the week’s heaviest change for yttria.

The price of praseodymium oxide rose 2.8 percent over the past week. This was the fourth week in a row of increasing prices. Finishing the fourth week of rising prices, the price of europium oxide increased by 2.0 percent. Praseodymium neodymium oxide rose by a slight 1.4 percent. Cerium oxide remained unchanged for the week.

Lanthanum oxide did not change since the previous week. Neither did rare earth carbonate, nor samarium oxide.

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