Best of MetalMiner: Steel Markets Asleep at the Wheel?

new age elevators with no steel
Source: The Economist

Now that the summer’s officially over, we can say that it’s been anything but boring – even though steel market prices have been afflicted with a bit of malaise, there have been some interesting developments in the raw materials markets.

Metallurgical Coal Price Forecast: Attacked From All Sides

  • “Natural gas released from fracking in the U.S. has decimated the thermal and metallurgical coal market there and encouraged US coal producers to look for exports, which in turn has impacted the European and Asian markets.”

US Steel, Voestalpine Following Nucor Steel’s Natural Gas Lead

  • “Tubular steel products producers everywhere are hoping shale gas will continue to drive 8-percent-per-year growth in demand as the tracking industry continues to consume oil country tubular goods (OCTG) on an ever-increasing scale.”

Iron Ore Prices Crucial in Automotive Steel-Supplier Contracts

  • “The gist of the paper was that the region’s automotive OEMs are pushing back against the use of raw material escalators in the pricing of the steel products they consume and a review of some alternative approaches that are gradually gaining traction.”

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