Daily Silver Prices Skyrocket in India, China, Japan

Indian silver saw a 22.3 percent increase on Monday, September 2, making it the biggest upwards shift of the day. Japanese silver finished the market day up 16.9 percent.

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After falling for two days, the price of Chinese silver rose 12.0 percent. US silver finished the day down 1.4 percent.

The price of Indian gold bullion climbed 11.4 percent. Japanese gold bullion rose 7.7 percent. Following a two-day drop, the price of Chinese gold bullion increased by 3.5 percent. US gold bullion ended the day after a 0.8 percent drop last Friday.

Japanese platinum bar saw its price rise 2.4 percent. The price of Chinese platinum bar rose 1.3 percent after a two-day drop. The price of US platinum bar finished the market day up 0.5 percent per ounce.

The price of US palladium bar fell 1.9 percent. The price of Chinese palladium bar declined 1.2 percent. The price of Japanese palladium bar improved by 0.3 percent.

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