Latest Report Shows Rising Metal Market Prices – But Can It Last?

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chart of historical industrial metal prices trends september 2013

If you buy direct materials – industrial metals, specifically – you’ve likely seen prices generally rising over the past month.

Yep, we’ve seen that, too. But of course you don’t want to know where prices have been; you’d like some insight into where they’re going.

Luckily for you, MetalMiner’s latest Monthly MMI® report, including historical metal price data trends for 10 industrial sectors and headline analysis by our managing editor Lisa Reisman, will help your company shed light onto the future direction of these markets.

Download the Monthly MMI® for September FREE:


September MMI® Highlights

  • What the No. 1 factor will be for future health of the stainless markets
  • What’s happening with aluminum price premiums lately
  • Which individual index to watch most closely in the next quarter, and why

You can always compare with historical trends in our past reports.

Data, Analysis, Price Forecasting and You

This week, we’re running a four-part series on How to Embed Forecasting Capability into Aluminum Sourcing Practices. So far, we’ve covered how to assess your company’s price risk exposure and risk tolerance, and how to identify metal cost drivers in determining how best to make use of forecasts.

Many elements of these approaches apply across metals sectors. That’s why if you’re in a metals sourcing, procurement or supply chain function and need an edge, our Monthly MMI® report is an ideal resource.

The report is a key starting component for:

  • Better timing your metal purchases
  • Gauging expected volatility
  • Creating more competitive bids to customers, or making better use of financial instruments to consistently generate cost savings and cost avoidance over time, rather than relying upon subjective opinions and best guesses as to when prices might rise or fall

Once you download the report, learn more about MetalMiner’s new price forecasting capability.

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