Lynas Corp Gets Debt-Payment Relief; Yttrium Falls 3.4%

Lynas Corp is presumably feeling less stressed after receiving a “debt-payment relief on a $225 million ($240m) loan from Japan’s Sojitz because of weak global markets and start-up delays at its Malaysian plant” reports The Australian.

In the meantime, after drifting 3.4 percent, yttrium dropped–making it the biggest mover on the weekly Rare Earths MMI® this week. The price of dysprosium oxide dropped 2.3 percent this week, closing out the third consecutive week of falling prices. After a 2.0 percent decline, europium oxide closed out the week.

Neodymium oxide fell 1.4 percent over the past week. The price of terbium oxide declined 1.2 percent over the past week. Terbium oxide saw a 1.2 percent decline over the past week. Prices for cerium oxide remained constant.

Neodymium remained essentially flat from the previous week. The price of praseodymium neodymium oxide did not change since the previous week. Praseodymium oxide prices held steady from the previous week. The week finished with no movement for rare earth carbonate.

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Samarium oxide traded sideways last week. Following a steady week, prices for terbium metal closed flat. The price of yttria did not change since the previous week.

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