US Silver Sees 2.0% Decline

On Tuesday, September 17, US silver fell by 2.0 percent to $21.82 per ounce, making it the day’s biggest mover. Following a 1.9 percent rise on Tuesday, the price of Indian silver closed at INR 49,404 ($780.53) per kilogram. Chinese silver closed 1.6 percent lower at CNY 4,395 ($718.06) per kilogram. At JPY 695.00 ($7.01) per 10 grams, Japanese silver fell 1.6 percent yesterday.

The price of Chinese gold bullion fell 1.3 percent to CNY 261.60 ($42.74) per gram. Following a two-day drop, the price of Indian gold bullion increased by 1.2 percent to INR 29,801 ($470.82) per 10 grams. US gold bullion ended the day at $1,314 per ounce, after the 1.1 percent drop on Tuesday. Japanese gold bullion finished the day down 0.8 percent to JPY 4,196 ($42.35) per gram.

The price of Chinese platinum bar declined 1.3 percent to CNY 303.00 ($49.50) per gram. US platinum bar finished the day down 1.1 percent to $1,433 per ounce. Japanese platinum bar ended the day at JPY 4,610 ($46.53) per gram, after the 0.9 percent drop on Tuesday.

Japanese palladium bar prices inched up 1.0 percent to JPY 2,243 ($22.64) per gram. The price of US palladium bar increased 0.3 percent to $703.00 per ounce. Chinese palladium bar stayed flat at around CNY 157.00 ($25.65) per gram.

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