Cash Price of Primary Indian Aluminum Climbs On the LME

Rising 3.4 percent to close at INR 115.10 ($1.84) per kilogram, the Indian aluminum cash price experienced the biggest change for Wednesday, October 2. After improving for two days, the primary aluminum cash price declined 1.0 percent on the LME to $1,785 per metric ton. Following two days of rising prices, the aluminum 3-month price dropped 0.7 percent on the LME to $1,836 per metric ton.

Chinese aluminum prices were flat for the day. The price of Chinese aluminum scrap held steady at CNY 12,815 ($2,094) per metric ton. Chinese aluminum billet held its value on Wednesday at CNY 14,500 ($2,369) per metric ton. For the fifth day in a row, the price of Chinese aluminum bar remained essentially flat at CNY 14,200 ($2,320) per metric ton. The Chinese aluminum cash price saw little movement on Wednesday, closing out around CNY 14,640 ($2,392) per metric ton.

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