Shhh…Procurement Webinar Will Reveal Maturity Curve Secrets

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Nope, it’s not porn – it’s the best procurement minds in the biz, Jason Busch and Mickey North Rizza talking strategy.

And it you’re buying raw materials, semi-finished or finished metals, you’re gonna want to show up to this webinar (see more below).

There’s no shortage of maturity models in procurement, finance, and supply chain. Many consultancies and research firms have built their entire practices on helping companies move through various stages of performance and maturity.

But we don’t see enough of the true secrets that leaders in the space use to get to the next level of performance (hint: some are contrarian). For example: sometimes, traditional sourcing approaches (5-step process, anyone?) are the exact wrong strategy to deliver next-level results and innovation around cost takeout and category value enhancement.

What if you could move up (and even skip) levels on the maturity curve? Knowing how to correctly implement the following could drastically improve your approach:

• Supplier engagement

• Sourcing strategy

• Performance/KPI tracking

• Overall business alignment

Join Jason Busch of Spend Matters/MetalMiner and Mickey North Rizza of BravoSolution as they unlock maturity curve secrets for everyone ranging from the C-Suite to those managing specific categories including packaging, raw materials, metals, and parts components.

Register for a spot in this hot, hot webinar right now.

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