ISM Direct Procurement Study Results: 11 Key Supply Management Actions


Our sister site Spend Matters’ Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell recently conducted a study on direct procurement best practices with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), and we’re pleased to announce that the results are now available for (free!) download.

Most procurement groups have both formalized and centralized their strategies and processes, with particular focus on strategic sourcing methodologies to help “rightsize” the supply base.

But has procurement become a truly strategic supply management transformation agent that helps lead the redesign and orchestration of multi-tier supply beyond its primary role as negotiator, cost cutter, and contract manager?

Unfortunately, in the supply chain, the answer is generally no.


  • How and where are direct procurement organizations exerting their influence and leadership (or not)?
  • What are the 11 key supply management activities that more advanced organizations are implementing – and you should implement too

Click here to download the study results that include case studies from Hewlett-Packard (HP); a large pharmaceutical company; another large telecommunications manufacturer, and much, much more.

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