A Forecasting Analyst's Blatantly Biased View of a Commodity Conference

raul de frutos headshotEd. note: We thought we’d point the limelight at one of MetalMiner’s newest team members and let him offer his takeaways from Commodity/PROcurement EDGE last week.

This conference was one of the best I have ever attended with very in-depth and relevant information – and that has nothing to do with the fact that I work for MetalMiner and, no, Lisa Reisman is not pointing any kind of weapon at me as I write this!

I believe the audience was key to making this conference a success. During other conferences I’ve attended, I didn’t see that much interaction because of people not being engaged enough, or being too afraid of asking silly questions. However, I was surprised by the number of questions that came up during my non-ferrous metal price forecasting presentation. I heard such great questions that some of them made me stop for a second until I could come up with the absolute appropriate answers. I feel like not only the attendees, but also the speakers, could find key takeaways during each session.

Our goal was not to use this conference as a means to sell any particular product and I think that was critical in making attendees feel comfortable to participate in the discussions. Also, I believe speakers went out on a limb by actually giving their forecast of future prices and trends, which, as we know, is often hard to tease out in a meaningful way.

In regards to metal price forecasts, we tried to give our personal opinion (backed by data, research and experience) of what we see likely to happen with ferrous and non-ferrous metal prices in the long-term. We also exposed our new objective, quantitative approach to short-term aluminum, copper and nickel price forecasting, acknowledging the difficulties that we see in buyers getting the right price.

I hope everyone had as great a time networking as I did. I felt like everyone was very approachable and willing to have a good conversation – I think the timely breaks helped to enhance that.

Finally, the food was great as always. The paella made miss my country. On the other hand, those delicious smoked salmon bagels made me question whether I should keep having my cereals for breakfast.

Raul de Frutos is MetalMiner’s lead forecasting analyst. Read more about MetalMiner’s price forecasting capability.

*If you attended Commodity/PROcurement EDGE, please leave your comments on the event below!

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