Japanese Palladium Bar Rising

The price of Japanese palladium bar rose 2.2 percent on Wednesday, October 16, making it the day’s biggest mover. After two days of flat prices, it closed at JPY 2,269 ($23.02) per gram. Following two days of rising prices, the price of US palladium bar dropped 1.1 percent to $705.00 per ounce. At CNY 158.00 ($25.89) per gram, the price of Chinese palladium bar was essentially unchanged.

Japanese platinum bar closed 1.0 percent lower at JPY 4,362 ($44.26) per gram. At CNY 291.00 ($47.69), the price of Chinese platinum bar finished the market day up 0.3 percent per gram. US platinum bar stayed flat at around $1,378 per ounce.

At JPY 4,019 ($40.78) per gram, Japanese gold bullion fell 1.7 percent on Wednesday. The price of US gold bullion increased 0.6 percent to $1,281 per ounce. Chinese gold bullion saw its price rise 0.2 percent to CNY 254.60 ($41.72) per gram. The price of Indian gold bullion held steady at INR 28,913 ($467.54) per 10 grams.

The price of Japanese silver declined 1.6 percent to JPY 663.00 ($6.73) per 10 grams. Following a 0.2 percent rise yesterday, the price of Chinese silver closed at CNY 4,285 ($702.17) per kilogram. The price of US silver is back up, rising by 0.1 percent on Wednesday to close at $21.30 per ounce. Indian silver held its value on Wednesday at INR 48,300 ($781.03) per kilogram.

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