MetalMiner Launches LNG Survey With Institute of Supply Management (ISM)

As we all know, cheap energy has played and will continue to play an important role in economic growth. US natural gas prices have fallen as shale gas deliveries started to enter the market. Prior to that, the US would have become a major importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG). However, the recent surge in US shale gas production has turned the tables, and the US may become a major LNG exporter.

MetalMiner, in conjunction with the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), is conducting a snap survey to better understand the potential impact of American LNG exports on energy prices and the manufacturing sector overall. The survey (developed into a larger study) seeks to better quantify the importance of lower natural gas prices on sourcing activities, as well as capex and a US manufacturing renaissance in broader terms.

Got two minutes to spare? Please take this survey!

Some energy experts, including Commodity/PROcurement EDGE speaker Mark Pruitt, already believe natural gas prices will rise due to a number of drivers. These include international markets (LNG exports), an expanding domestic market particularly for transportation, electricity generation, plastics and chemical increased production, as well as direct price pressures (demand will increase and hence prices will as well).

Instead of analyzing economic models in a vacuum, this snap poll will allow US manufacturers to weigh in on the potential impacts. How important a factor is energy in your cost equation, and what kind of impact do you think exporting LNG will have on your company’s cost structure?

MetalMiner will release the findings of this survey and provide a detailed report discussing the results. Participants have the option of receiving an advance copy of the report. If this survey takes you more than five minutes, let us know and we’ll send you a lox bagel.

So please click here to fill out the survey!

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  • I think a good place for New Mexico to start is by using LNG in New Mexico vehicles (both government and private) as an alternative fuel rather than ethanol which serves the corn producing states and is less efficient than LNG. How dumb is it to subsidize corn producers while our own state with an abundance of LNG is in an economic crisis? I am very offended when I see a NM government vehicle driving around NM proudly displaying a plaque stating that this vehicle uses 90% ethanol or words to that effect. The governor should defy the feds for the good the people of her state and market locally and worldwide what we have in abundance. The federal government has shown no reluctance to run roughshod over the states when it is to their advantage and we should push back when it is in the interests of the people of New Mexico.


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