Cash Price of Primary Indian Aluminum Shifts Up 2.0%

On Friday, October 18, the Indian aluminum cash price experienced the biggest change, rising 2.0 percent to INR 112.85 ($1.85) per kilogram. Following a 0.5 percent rise last Friday, the primary aluminum cash price closed on the LME at $1,796 per metric ton. The 3-month price of aluminum rose 0.5 percent on the LME to $1,843 per metric ton after a two-day drop.

Chinese aluminum prices were mixed for the day. At CNY 12,780 ($2,095) per metric ton, Chinese aluminum scrap fell 0.6 percent last Friday. The Chinese aluminum cash price is back up, rising by 0.1 percent last Friday to close at CNY 14,460 ($2,371) per metric ton. Chinese aluminum billet held its value last Friday at CNY 14,400 ($2,361) per metric ton. For the fifth consecutive day, the price of Chinese aluminum bar held flat at CNY 14,200 ($2,328) per metric ton.

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