Why Base Metals Prices Are Tumbling, Steel Is Up and GOES Just Wacky

metal price index trends 2013 chart

This month, we’ve taken even more of a deep-dive into the ferrous and non-ferrous metal market price trends.


The real question is: Why not?

Applying our forecasting capability, we give readers more technical analysis behind aluminum, copper, steel and stainless/nickel price movements. We’re now able to provide 8-week forecasts in the the aforementioned markets (learn how to get them here), and that makes us ideally positioned to give you the outlooks you need for 2014.

In the December edition of the Monthly MMI® Report, for example, you’ll find:

  • The reasons behind the wheels of the base metals complexes coming off. Raul de Frutos, MetalMiner’s lead forecasting analyst, contributed what he sees in the cards for aluminum, copper, steel and nickel.
  • A current index rise for our Raw Steels MMI (and coincidentally, the Construction MMI), but tempered with our Debbie-Downer reasons for why there’s not a whole lot of optimism in the sector
  • A bunch of activity in the grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) sector, namely why there appeared to be such a crash in December’s index reading and what AK Steel and Allegheny Technologies have to do with that market
  • A bevy of other sector coverage and analysis, including but not limited to Rare Earths, Automotive, and Precious Metals

Alright, no more from me – get the report now! Download it FREE below:


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